Friday, January 29, 2016

Bacolaodiat 2016 Schedule

Bacolaodiat Festival

Celebrates Year of the Monkey

Bacolaodiat came from the words Bacolod and Laodiat, Lao diat is a Fookien word for Celeration.

 In Bacolod Chinese New Year is not just celebrated on the eve of the New Year; instead it’s a weeklong celebration along the main street of Bacolod City. Where Chinese costumes are showcased on a parade, followed by the Lantern street dance competition.
A “Chopstick Alley” is also open where people can experience and taste different Chinese cuisine.

Bacolaodiat 2016 Schedule of activities

Come and Celebrate with us!

For more information contact:
Office of the Secretariat
2nd floor Amity building, Hilado Street Bacolod City

Telephone #: 435-7712